About Drenthe 200

The Drenthe 200 is an ultra marathon for mountainbike, fatbike or cyclecross bike. And yes, you will experience 200 ultra-tough, but very beautiful kilometers running underneath your wheels. This extreme challenge takes place at December the 28th 2017.

Demand the utmost of yourself
This ultra-marathon is not something everyone can complete. Only if you are willing to demand the utmost of your mind and body both physically as well as mentally, the Drenthe 200 is a fit for you. But it’s not only suffering. Drenthe is beautiful. Very beautiful. And we are going to show you just that. The start is at 6 AM in Roden and you will cross 8 municipalities in Drenthe during the race. You will see the most beautiful forests, moorlands, brooks and natural parks. Plus you will climb the flanks of the Hondsrug. To finish the 200 kilometers a maximum of 18 hours is set. In other words, extreme.

Extreme in everything
The Drenthe 200 is extreme in everything. And that includes care and catering. From start to finish we will assist you with everything you need to demand the utmost of yourself. Every 30 kilometers a checkpoint is set up. Yes, you will need them. The reward after this ultra marathon tastes sweet. Extremely sweet. And the winner will receive an extreme price. Furtheron we’ll elaborate on that.

The registration for the first Drenthe 200 opens at the 1st of May. We strive for a minimum amount of 200 participants. The entry fee is € 60,-. We will arrange your complete day for that amount. You will receive:

  • Tough, beautiful and unique trail of 200 kilometer through Drenthe
  • Time registration chip and livetracking
  • Trail secured by 120 volunteers
  • Six checkpoints fully catered:
    - Food (hot or cold, differs per checkpoint)
    - Free drinks (water/sports nutrition/tea etc)
    - Technical support
    - Possibility to send one bag with fresh clothes and lighting to a checkpoint of choice
  • Heroes reception in Roden at the finish
  • After the battle you can eat and drink in a very enjoyable environment
  • Use of rooms to change clothes and shower

Drenthe 200